Massage Therapist

Iva L. is a board-certified Licensed Massage Therapist and member of American Massage Therapy Association that has provided therapeutically relaxing massage services for 16 years: in a variety of settings including day spas, gyms, sporting events, as we as chiropractic & corporate offices.

Her primary focus is to understand the needs & goals of her clients with an emphasis on facilitating awareness & balance within the mind, body & spirit.

Prevent • Assist • Enhance • Maintain

•Prevent injury
•Assist in the recovery process
•Enhance sports performance & work productivity
•Maintain optimum health & wellness

Services Offered:

•Swedish Massage
•Deep Tissue Massage
•Sports Massage
•Neuromuscular Therapy
•Therapeutics Stretching
•Guided Meditation

Conditions Treated:

•Repetitive strain injury
•Muscular imbalance
•Neck/ back pain
•Sports injury
•Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
•Tennis Elbow
•Joint pain

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